• Matthew VernonMatthew Vernon, over 7 years ago (edited over 7 years ago )

    Hi Tobias!

    You're obviously a very entrepreneurial designer, and I'm wondering – How do you find the balance between launching a product you're proud of, and launching a product early so you can recieve feedback and start earning money.

    I often find myself working on projects for months without ever releasing them, because the designer in me is always finding fault.

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    • Patrick SmithPatrick Smith, over 7 years ago

      Yes me too! Great question.

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    • Tobias van Schneider, over 7 years ago (edited over 7 years ago )

      Hi Matthew

      That's a pretty good question, especially because I ask this myself a lot.

      When I started as a designer I was always a perfectionist, I had a hard time finishing projects and wanted to refine it till it's dead.

      Today I see things a little bit differently, and for some reason my focus has shifted over the years. I often reflect on that myself, because I'm unsure if it's a good or bad thing.

      While I still value great design, and I still value delight in every detail that makes great design, I'm obsessed with shipping fast and learning along the way.

      For me it's just a matter of priorities. I often have to force myself with fake deadlines to finish something, even if it's not perfect. In reality, it will never be finished anyway.

      I have high respect for people who build things, ship them, and earn money with it from day one. A designer/entrepreneur who has a product out there, even if just 10 people are paying for it, is in my opinion way ahead of those who are still posting concept shots on Dribbble.

      I think at some point in my career I changed my mindset to: "It's good enough, let's fix it later". Of course this highly depends on the product itself, but often times what you believe is good enough, is pretty good for everyone else. So only you see the difference, and I expect you/me to continue refining it anyway.

      So in general, I like to launch early but still want to make sure the experience is great. You can always cut down on scope & features while still maintaining what some might call "the minimum lovable product". And I know, this is difficult because it goes against your perfectionism and probably against the design community who will slap you for not making things pixel perfect.

      I think the one thing that makes designers great (perfectionism) is also the thing that makes them the worst people to work with.

      For me, entrepreneur inside me has taken over more and more over the last couple years I would say.

      Hope that answered your question Matthew! (: It's a good one, I keep asking this myself everyday!

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      • Jonathan ShariatJonathan Shariat, over 7 years ago

        Great answer!

        Also, how do you manage your time between projects? Do they overlap? Do you strictly try to work on 1 at a time?

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        • Tobias van Schneider, over 7 years ago

          Hi Jonathan

          They constantly overlap! Once I get bored or I'm stuck at one, I continue on the other one. With that, I keep good momentum going and keep myself in the zone. I think one project would not work for me, because if I would get stuck or have a creative block, I would just sit on the couch watching TV.

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