• Andrew LeeAndrew Lee, over 7 years ago

    Toe-bye-us, Toe-bee-us, Tobey-as, or none of the above?

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    • Kat ☺, over 7 years ago

      Oh my god I want to know this too. I've been saying Toe-bye-us.

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    • Tobias van Schneider, over 7 years ago

      Hey Andrew

      Your questions are sugar! So, the correct way would be Toe-Bee-Us - That's how it works in Germany.

      Usually though, when I'm introducing myself in the United States I introduce myself as Toe-bye-us. Based on data I've gathered in A/B tests for many years, I can tell you that every time I introduce myself as "Toe-bye-us" chances are by 83% higher than usual that new connections will remember my name.

      Therefore, even if "Toe-bye-us" is not the correct pronunciation, it clearly performs better in all aspects.

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