• Emman Calabroso, over 7 years ago

    Do you find it hard to leave a company such as Spotify?

    What is it like as a designer for Spotify? Could you share some unique design processes you adapted while working there?

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    • Tobias van Schneider, over 7 years ago

      Hi Emman

      Nice to meet you! Yes, I find it very hard. Luckily I will stay as a consultant and good friend of the team. Leaving a team that you really enjoyed working is always painful, but for some reason I don't feel like I'm really leaving - I'm just not there full-time anymore.

      Being a designer at Spotify is amazing. It's easily the best team I ever worked with. I'm not sure how to describe it exactly, but it is very rare that you feel like you REALLY liked & connected with every single designer on the team. The team is thoughtful, friendly and very sensible.

      It's rare to work in a team that has absolutely no egos involved. It's refreshing, especially in our industry. As you can imagine, focusing on the right culture fit has high impact on the process since there is a lot of openness, involvement and transparency while working with the team.

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