• Saxon Fletcher, over 7 years ago

    Thanks for taking the time Tobias. Your work is a huge inspiration to many people within the design community, myself included.

    My question is around time management and motiviation. How do you manage/split your time across your many different side projects + day job + life? How do you consistently stay motivated and inspired?


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    • Tobias van Schneider, over 7 years ago

      Hi Saxon!

      Is that your real name? Because it's a pretty sweet name. Thanks so much for your kind words, it's highly appreciated (:

      For the first question, I hope you're ok with me copying this from above:

      1. I admit, I have horrible time management. I approach my projects the same way as I approach reading a book. If I'm stuck at one, I will put it away and continue on the other. (that's why I read 3 at a time) If daily or weekly sprints happen, then only because of coincidence. The moment I experience "flow" I will stay in one project until the point I will lose "flow".

      This usually helps me to stay inspired, stay fresh and keep myself busy. Of course, depending on the problems you are solving on a particular project, I sometimes force myself to stick with it for a little longer. But then again, if you're stuck and you have other projects sitting around, why not rotate when you can? (:

      1. Time management in terms of life: I consider my work to be my life, I have so much fun with it that I rarely do anything else. I don't watch TV, I very rarely play computer games, and the last time I went out partying was years ago.

      I love working and make no difference between job/life. It's all one thing, of course balanced out as good as I can. But I don't see work & enjoyment as two opposites. (I think we, most of us here, are lucky to have the opportunity to see it that way)

      1. I stay motivated by trying to keep up the momentum. I'm a very lazy person. If you would know how much I sleep and procrastinate, you wouldn't believe me. Thats very dangerous for me. Keeping up the momentum and always have my desk full of projects helps me to keep running.

      The moment I finish something, the moment I slow down, I can almost feel this big black hole of laziness eating me up. Then I start running again, and things are fine.

      PS: I also wrote this article about "The Inspiration Lie" a while ago which you might enjoy reading.

      Yay, Tobias

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