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  • Kyle DeckerKyle Decker, over 7 years ago

    The asterisk link on the homepage links to thoughbot, rather than thoughtbot. The CSSstats link at the end of the Meta page links to a dud website.

    Why is the navigation split into two halves?

    Other thoughts, but I've had too much wine to worry about typing right now. Whassup Sunday night

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    • Cole TownsendCole Townsend, over 7 years ago

      Ah thank you! Good catch there, that was driving me nuts.

      I originally had a "proposal" link on the left hand side and yanked it. I'll put up a dummy for now that links to thoughtbot's proposal page.

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      • Connor NorvellConnor Norvell, over 7 years ago

        I like the split Nav. But maybe "hire" and "about" should be together. and Work and Journal should be together because they are the same type of page?

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