Web Hosting for Designers?

8 years ago from Andrew Tolentino, Mobile Product Designer at Credit Karma

  • Michal CMichal C, 8 years ago

    I switched to DigitalOcean + ServerPilot + CloudFlare few months back and could not be happier and I knew very little about terminal, ssh and all that stuff.

    The answer to your question is yes and no.

    You can just install a prebuilt setup on DO and be done with it.

    But surely once you have your own machine, you'd like to have some auto-updates and security. You'll need to use the command line but DO, SP and CF make it super easy even for a noob like I was few month ago.

    Go and google a $10 DO voucher, that'll give you the smallest machine for free to experiment for 2 months...

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