AMA: Jessica Hische, Lettering Artist & Type Designer

over 8 years ago from Jessica Hische, Letterer / Procrastiworker

  • Jessica HischeJessica Hische, over 8 years ago

    I'd love to do weekly posts for a year, and then maybe switch to monthly posts after that. It's been kind of difficult to stay on top of (we just ran out of blankets!) but it's really important to me that I at least keep it going for the first year of her life.

    Giving back to the design community has helped my career immensely. I love being able to teach what I have learned so far to others, and by posting educational content to my site it gives people another reason to visit (and makes me really happy in the process—feeling like I'm contributing more than just "pretty pictures" to the world.)

    If you want to get started giving back, know that no matter where you are in your career you have something to teach others, even if it's teaching all the mistakes you've made so that others don't have to make them. You don't have to be an expert in anything to share knowledge, you just have to be real about what kind of knowledge you're sharing.

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