AMA: Jessica Hische, Lettering Artist & Type Designer

8 years ago from Jessica Hische, Letterer / Procrastiworker

  • Louis BLouis B, 8 years ago

    Huge fan of yours Hische! I LOVED the Wes Anderson work, that's how I found out about your work.

    Do you think people have to have a natural affinity to typography, like a natural talent for it - or do you think it can be taught?

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    • Jessica HischeJessica Hische, 8 years ago

      I think you are a detail-focused person, and a person that loves tedious activities (like organizing bookshelves, needlepoint, etc) you have a huge head start. Lettering and calligraphy is a lot less tedious than type design, but all require a love of detail. You can definitely be taught!

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