AMA: Jessica Hische, Lettering Artist & Type Designer

8 years ago from Jessica Hische, Letterer / Procrastiworker

  • Surjith S MSurjith S M, 8 years ago

    Hello Jess,

    I've seen your Mailchimp Logo redesign (That's awesome). so, What's your opinion on Google's new logo. If you are the one to redesign that, How it will be?

    Have a busy day with your daughter :)


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    • Jessica HischeJessica Hische, 8 years ago

      I definitely like the direction it's taken, but there are some things about it that bug me—mostly how it feels heavily weighted toward the gle at the end because of spacing / color. I think the G they use alone (in the heavier weight) is great, but when you see the G in the new logo it seems light (generally type designers add a little weight to uppercase letters so that optically they don't appear lighter).

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