• Jeff Sheldon, over 8 years ago

    Nice! thanks for reppin the Mountains tee :)

    Yes, I grew Ugmonk on the side for 2 years while working full-time at an agency. I'm a big proponent of starting something on the side and seeing where it goes before making any blind jumps.

    I actually never thought Ugmonk would get to the point where I would go full-time with it but as I poured in many many hours those first 2 years it got to a point where I felt semi-comfortable making the leap. It did get to an unhealthy point where I was working every night and weekend in addition to my day job, but I knew that would only be temporary and was worth sticking it out.

    I didn't take any money from the business for the first 2 years and saved up enough of a cushion so that when I jumped I had enough to fall back on just in case. Building it on the side allowed me to focus more on the products and less on the money. There's no magic time to make the jump since everyone's scenario is different, but this is just how I chose to do it.

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