• Jeff Sheldon, over 8 years ago
    1. The name Ugmonk was actually a happy accident. When I started I really wasn’t planning for Ugmonk to be anything more than a little side project. We tried to come up with creative names but everything we came up with was pretty cheesy and unoriginal.

    We were joking around and googling words to see what URLs were available and “Ugmonk.com” happened to be open with no results in Google. So we went with it and now if you google “Ugmonk” there are over 60,000 results.

    The actual origin of the word remains a secret, but it doesn’t have any deep meaning :) 

    1. Actually never heard of them until you posted them. I think it's different enough that there shouldn't be any issues.

    2. Good catch. Will add to our list of updates :)

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