• Sean GeraghtySean Geraghty, over 8 years ago

    Hi Jeff,

    I am looking to start my own side business alongside working, also with physical goods. What tips would you give out to someone looking to start a physical product business in a world that seems so digitally orientated. Also how do you go about manufacturing your products? I have only come across the theory of manufacturing throughout my university course in product design, therefore any practical advice would be great.

    As a side, which football (soccer) team do you support?



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    • Jeff Sheldon, over 8 years ago
      1. Producing physical products can be very time/money consuming. Just be prepared for everything to take more time and money than expected.

      2. Start small and learn as you grow. Mistakes are easier to fix if you start on a small scale. Don't try to carry to much inventory at the beginning.

      3. Finding good manufacturers is not easy. Every new product I produce involves a lot of time researching and talking to potential manufacturers. There are plenty of places overseas that can make things super cheap, but I try to find manufacturers in the USA that are focussed on quality and detail and treat their employees fairly.

      For soccer I don't have a club team that I follow closely, but I enjoy watching the Premiere League when I get the chance. And obviously rooting for the US in the World Cup, CONCACAF, etc. but we have a long way to go :)

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      • Sean GeraghtySean Geraghty, over 8 years ago

        Thanks for all the replies Jeff :)

        Yeah products can be super expensive which is why I am trying to seek out as much advice as I can before I head down this route for certain.

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