• Daniel De LaneyDaniel De Laney, over 8 years ago

    Hey Jeff, I just bought one of your shirts (Juggle) a few days ago.

    How did you establish your brand amid a sea of direct or indirect competitors? What do you think elevated Ugmonk above the background noise to the point that I was able to hear about you?

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    • Jeff Sheldon, over 8 years ago

      One of the main things has been just sticking to designing what I like rather than chasing t-shirt or apparel trends. When I started Ugmonk 7 years ago the main trends were all-over prints and crazy illustrations. I wanted simple, clean, and minimal. There were very few brands doing things in that style, especially with a typographic influence. I thought it would be cool to design a few tees with that aesthetic. That same aesthetic is what Ugmonk is still known for today.

      There are many other factors that go into creating an established brand (could go on for hours), but one of the other main things I've tried to do is just be personal and human. Rather than trying to position Ugmonk as some giant brand, I've kept everything personal with how I communicate with my customers and fans. I want that transparency to be something that is always core to the brand.

      People will naturally talk about products if they are truly good and unique. I attribute much of my success to my loyal fans :)

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