Deepdreamer for Mac by Realmac(

8 years ago from Nicola Felaco, Principal Designer @Spotify, formerly Head of Design @musixmatch

  • Gabriele CirulliGabriele Cirulli, 8 years ago

    Although there's nice shiny wrapping paper around, I still think selling it like that feels like a low movie.

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    • Elliott ReganElliott Regan, 8 years ago


      They did something weird with Clear, too. If I remember correctly, they tried releasing Clear for iOS 7 as a whole new app, touting it as an "upgrade". The "upgrade" was basically just a slightly new UI (Helvetica Neue!), but tried charging their current customers for it as a whole new app while deprecating the existing app that was in the store.

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      • Nik Fletcher, 8 years ago

        To clarify: “Clear for iOS 7” was the first time Clear ran natively on the iPad, i.e. it was a Universal app whereas before Clear was iPhone-only. The naming caused a lot of confusion, as you rightly point out.


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