Pixate has joined Google

almost 8 years ago from Justin Belcher, Senior Designer at Google

  • Don Muller, almost 8 years ago

    Ah, it was all too good to last. Sorry to hear of Pixate's fate, though, I guess you can't blame the Pixate people for following the money nor Google for taking the opportunity to wrench the heart out of a brilliant startup. It's business.

    Asking Pixate what their future will be is laughable. Unless, like me, you dropped money on licenses in the past few weeks for a product they knew will be free shortly after I paid for it. That isn't funny.

    As a person who bought Snapseed for desktop before Google bought and killed it, I know how this will go. And NO, the Google alternatives are never the same, as they are invariably created to feed the Google machine. There are a number of rumors already about Pixate stalling iOS support. :-(

    Let's look forward to the next Pixate and enjoy the innovation when they carry the torch. There are plenty of new exciting startups filling the space left by those acquired by corporations.

    I do hope the Pixate people like working on the Gmail UI project, it's beginning to show its age ;-)

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