Pixate has joined Google

almost 8 years ago from Justin Belcher, Senior Designer at Google

  • brett lider, almost 8 years ago

    Hi Braden. Brett here from Google. I'm somewhat close to the folks here at Google who work on design and design tools. I hope you've seen how with Form we've continued to evolve that product. And with Pixate just today, we've made the desktop editor free and the collaboration plans much cheaper. Happy to respond to specific concerns. If you're curious to read more about how we think about the future of design tools, check out this interview with Matias Duarte (lead of Material Design), Max Weisel (Form founder) and Paul Colton (Pixate cofounder), which came out today.


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    • Sergie MagdalinSergie Magdalin, almost 8 years ago

      Really great read. So many golden quotes in there.

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      • Don Muller, almost 8 years ago

        The spin on this is making me dizzy. Let's see whether they are interested in the product or just the people behind the product.

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    • Braden HammBraden Hamm, almost 8 years ago (edited almost 8 years ago )

      I'm confident that the Pixate guys made a decision based not only on what was good for them, but for their product and loyal customers.

      I was simply stating my initial gut reaction based on how things have gone in the past, whether it's because a product got shut down, ruined, or my privacy came in to question (Dropcam, Nest).

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    • Ali AliAli Ali, almost 8 years ago

      Thanks for sharing Brett

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