I'm 18 and need help branding myself.

over 8 years ago from Blake Hawksworth, Filmmaker and occasional writer, always on the move.

  • Matthew KosloskiMatthew Kosloski, over 8 years ago

    I appreciate this long comment. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of revealing my age, and now I'm debating on removing it from my site, even though I'm not really looking for clients. Like you said, I experiment and build my own things. I just wanted to be honest with people, not seem like a big-shot.

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    • Devin HalladayDevin Halladay, over 8 years ago

      Even if your intentions are good, sometimes being completely honest isn't the best approach. Not all young designers who give out their age are trying to brag, but many surely do.

      My advice would be to remove it, because being that young in our industry usually does nothing but hold you back until you decide not to let it be a factor in your professional life.

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