I'm 18 and need help branding myself.

over 8 years ago from Blake Hawksworth, Filmmaker and occasional writer, always on the move.

  • Blake HawksworthBlake Hawksworth, over 8 years ago

    Thanks Cyrus. I know all the frivolous design things will come after I know who I truly am, but I simply wanted to push something out there and get feedback, like this. Is that a bad trait or should we wait until something is perfect before showing the world?

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    • Cyrus Henderson, over 8 years ago

      You're welcome Blake. Well, what I would say to that is to think of your portfolio as a Minimum Viable Product. Is there enough in your portfolio to the point where It's good enough, serves it's purpose and can be built upon later. You should be able to add to it without totally starting over. You'll feel when It's good enough and that feeling will happen more frequently as you progress.

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