A year later... Are there any alternatives to Ember

8 years ago from Toby Negele, Senior Product Designer

  • Anwar ChoukahAnwar Choukah, 8 years ago

    Right, I decided to give Pixave on the App Store a go.

    There was no demo available, but at the very reasonable (cheap, really) price of £7.99, I just bought it.

    First impressions in bullet-points:

    • Dark mode only. This is a problem when viewing black pngs/svgs with a transparent background
    • Only OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) and above – rules out my work Mac
    • It should sync. So far, I'm trying out a Box solution (see below)
    • Tags seem OK, but that's going to take regular upkeep

    My system, however, seems.. alright..

    • Organise the Box (free 10GB account) folder into:
    • Box Sync
      • "The Goods"
        • "Icons"
        • "Textures"
        • "UI-Kits"
    • Use Box account for only this (luckily, I also have Backblaze so everything's backed up)
    • Should be able to use different apps with a view of something working on Windows as well. (Sorry, I've never used a Linux machine...)

    So far, so good, though – going to blow on.

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