A year later... Are there any alternatives to Ember

8 years ago from Toby Negele, Senior Product Designer

  • Jesse C.Jesse C., 8 years ago

    Aww, I didn't know Octobox was closing down!

    I used Stache for a while but I stopped using it once http://inboardapp.com/ came out of beta. In Stache it doesn't save screenshots but rather it shows live previews of the URLs you've saved. What this means for me is that often sites change so what I originally wanted to save is now gone. Also, I don't like loading webpages when I just want to look through static screenshots.

    Stache is more polished and has an iOS app (which admittedly I have but never really used). You can export as archive and screenshot as well if that's useful to you.

    Inboard is dead simple and does all I need. I hope they don't try and be Ember and add a million neat but probably not terribly useful features. With Inboard, my only complain is that the capture screenshot from a browser is often quite bad and I end up using a Chrome screenshot extension.

    I had a look at Pixave that Tim posted above and honestly, it looks better than Inboard and cheaper by about $10! It doesn't appear to have a trial version though so I haven't tried it out yet.

    Honestly, if someone wrote a simple open source JS app that ran locally and displayed images and had basic tags/collections, that would be perfect.

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    • Daniel GoldenDaniel Golden, 8 years ago

      +1 for inboard

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    • Toby NegeleToby Negele, 8 years ago

      Inboard looks really great! The only issue I have with it is that I can't sync/backup my library i.e. in dropbox. I use two different machines for work and at home and want my library in sync across devices. That's why I thought a in -browser solution might be better.

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      • Jesse C.Jesse C., 8 years ago

        Me too, at the moment I'm just toughing it out and having it only on my main machine. They creators of Inboard have mentioned that they're considering or are actually working on sync but I have no idea of an ETA.

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    • Oliver WatersOliver Waters, 8 years ago

      Thanks for the Stache mention Jesse. Just wanted to make a few corrections. It does save screenshots, as well as a web archive of the site at the time of bookmarking. The live preview is a 'quick-look' of the site at present. Full details can be found at http://getstache.com.

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