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8 years ago from João Ferreira, Designer at Subvisual

  • Kyle MitchellKyle Mitchell, 8 years ago

    The palette could use some more contrast. Pretty harsh on the eyes.

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    • João FerreiraJoão Ferreira, 8 years ago

      Hey Kyle

      You mean in terms of the body text?

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      • Drew ShimomuraDrew Shimomura, 8 years ago (edited 8 years ago )

        Hey João -

        Speaking for myself, yes the body text is pretty darn low contrast to the white bkgrnd. It's tough to read. But some of the images, too, have contrast problems, specifically the ones that put the very light blue next to the white (atom, "S" grid)

        FWIW, I also feel like I'm having to scroll a little too much to get a general overview. I appreciate giving content space, but when it feels* like 1/2 of the time I spent viewing your site was spent scrolling, I'm worried that potential clients might feel like your message is a bit unclear.

        *I say "feels" because it's obviously way less than that, but the impression is that it's higher than usual

        Edit: I should add, the text contrast problem is specifically on the front page--black-on-white text contrast on case studies, for example, is just fine.

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        • João FerreiraJoão Ferreira, 8 years ago

          Hey Drew,

          Thanks for taking the time to elaborate, we really appreciate this sort of feedback :)

          About the whitespace, we ended up adding the space in the last week of work because we felt there was not enough room for all the elements.

          Illustrations do tend to create a big 'color blur' to the users eyes, so we wanted to have a lot more white/light-blue around them. But we will definitely be adjusting that soon since more people feel the same way and these are all very good points.

          About the contrast, we did test it on some 'bad' screens and didn't feel the same way but then again, there might be something to tweak if people repeat it as an issue, so we added that to the task list.

          Again, thanks for taking the time to give us feedback, we really appreciate it.

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