• Dean HaydenDean Hayden, over 8 years ago

    Presenting your own work is possibly the hardest thing to do, you are your own worst client!

    When I put mine together I followed my own simple brief; show work that is real, solely my own, focus on the aesthetics and link to live sites. This made curation very easy as live work that wasn't up to the standard I wanted didn't make the cut.

    My portfolio is not extensive (third piece being added this week) but there isn't any fluff and there's no pretension. It's clear as to what I do and if someone wants to see more about process (visually) they can view more on Dribbble and for validation of experience they can look at my LinkedIn profile.

    There's no right or wrong when putting your own portfolio together but you have to live with it and stand by it.

    Loved the article and you made some very good points especially for those just starting out.

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