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almost 8 years ago from Racine Davis, Designer

  • Jack TalbotJack Talbot, almost 8 years ago

    A pretty homepage.

    But why do I need to sign up to try the app? If there is a free version, why can't I play and sign up to save? The current landing page gives me no idea how the UI works, how powerful it is etc. I'm not going to give out my email address to find out - especially as there are no signs of any T&Cs that tell me what you're going to use my information for or the privacy of the content etc.

    Also please add hover and click states to your buttons.

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    • Adam HowellAdam Howell, almost 8 years ago (edited almost 8 years ago )

      Hey Jack, thanks for the feedback.

      So, I feel like there are 2 ways to do a launch:

      1) Waterfall – Do a lot of unproven work upfront and HOPE that you connect with the right kinds of users and get a ton of signups on day #1. But, uh oh, look at all that traffic. And, damn, now people are seeing errors because the backend hasn't been scaled to handle that much traffic. So now we've got 5,000 signups on day #1 but they're getting a shitty experience and we've might've blown our chance to get them to try it again later when we can handle that much traffic. "I know it shat the bed last time, but it'll be better this time I promise…"

      2) Agile – Do enough work to get those people in the door who are excited enough about the product’s potential to take a chance. We won't get everyone that COULD'VE signed up, but we'll get the passionate users and we'll be able to handle the traffic, give everyone a good experience, and build off that for next time. Folks who didn't sign up the first time keep hearing about Inline from users who had a good experience, and when they visit next time we've opened things up even more and put more time into the marketing pages because now we're no longer guessing – we know what resonates with users and what to focus on.

      So, we went with #2! We got 500 adventurous folks to signup yesterday, were able to handle that amount of traffic, and are excited about their feedback and excited about what's next!

      And yep, great call, I'll get on those hover states ;) Thanks again Jack!

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