• Joel CalifaJoel Califa, over 8 years ago

    Let me just go ahead and disagree with the bulk of comments here. For one, your use of swear words has already gotten you to #1 on designer news and I'm sure it's resulted in thousands of hits so far. That in itself is some measure of success.

    Second, I wouldn't ever say there is one objective answer to the question of whether to censor yourself or not. It's your site and you should make it do for you whatever you want it to do. What is it for? To get high paying jobs? To get jobs with people you'll jive with? If you want to be yourself about all things (or to help accomplish your goals)—and you feel cursing is a big part of who you are (which is legit, that's how people talk, right?)—and you're also willing to accept that will turn off a good amount of people who see your site, then do it. And don't do half measures like "Sh*t." People know what that is :)

    Your personality can set you apart. I do a lot of this on my own portfolio. And unlike a few people here, I love the fun facts about you. It tells me who I'll be working with, which is often just as important as the quality of work I can expect.

    Some feedback from an employer point of view, under the assumption that this site is indeed to get work: I want to see more of your work, faster. I appreciate the humor and personality that shines through, but unless this is an attempt to compete with Visual Idiot, I want to see you equally as human being and designer. Professional work is more important than non-design-related personal work. It's more important than your labs. Dribbble is not enough. I want case studies. I want to hear more about your experience.

    That tagline about your mom is a great hook, but instead of taking advantage of my attention to sell yourself as a competent design, you continue with watermelon jokes. I almost missed the "Before you go" section, which is arguably the most important one. I dig your voice, but balance it with the point of the site.

    Aesthetically, I love the clean typography and colors, but I think the full-width photography clashes, as though you couldn't decide which style to go with. That's it, carry on.

    And good luck! :D

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    • Mahdi FarraMahdi Farra, over 8 years ago

      Thank you Joel for disagreeing with the bulk of comments here.

      You said it:

      cursing is a big part of who you are (which is legit, that's how people talk)

      I am willing to accept that it'll turn off some people, but it's weird that people wants to see clean "polite" stuff online, while everyone in reality curses and say all these stuff! Why the double standards! This thing pisses me off!!!

      The personality is important because I wanted to express myself to the people/employer in a more human way, I'm fed up with the robotic websites of the majority of designers where it starts with "Hello my name is and I do bla bla bla" and boom here's my work. I know displaying your work is important but all I wanted to is to go a bit creative and create an emotional connection with the visitor of the website so that when we talk he/she feels that they know me more which will make things way easier if we're doing business or just wanna become friends.

      But, that doesn't mean I shouldn't fixes a few things here and there. I totally agree with you that the part "Before you go" should move up, but you've said it, you scrolled all the way down which means you're interested and I got you hooked (I guess haha), still I'll move it a bit up because I agree that it's important and people might miss it.

      And the full-width photography was like a last moment decision which I kind of regret now...

      Thank you so much Joel for your time and your awesome feedback.


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    • Philip WeberPhilip Weber, over 8 years ago (edited over 8 years ago )

      Attention Naysayers:

      See what happened here? Mahdi made a set of bold, impactful choices that were rough around the edges. Another smart person was easily able to give actionable feedback to help dial in the solution based on outcome objectives.

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