Dropbox Notes Beta(dropbox.com)

8 years ago from Jonathan Suh, Designer at Planning Center

  • Luke LaneckiLuke Lanecki, 8 years ago

    I think this is a quick response for https://www.box.com/notes/ :D

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    • Andrew ConnAndrew Conn, 8 years ago

      Former Box Senior Designer here. Interesting tidbit, the designer at Box who was on the Notes product is now at Dropbox.

      There are a few comments on here like "isn't this just like Google/Box/etc". Yes, this is somewhat true. They all do basically the same things, just slightly different UX and are targeted at different users. The thing to keep in mind is there's a content war going on in this space. The company that will win is the one that can get the most content on their platform. There are only so many things you can do as a company to capture user content before you need to go upstream and actually capture during the point of creation. This is the reason Dropbox has to create this product.

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