Sketch v3.3 now available(

over 8 years ago from David Barker

  • Katherine WKatherine W, over 8 years ago (edited over 8 years ago )

    Without alt, it nudges it 1 pixel, like normal. But I'm now so used to holding down Alt/Option while nudging in order to see the changing distance between objects, that I really long for the old behavior (i.e. Alt merely reveals the distance, without changing the increment to 0.1)

    Note: Shift+Alt+arrow key moves it by 10 pixels as before. So literally no way to move it 1 px at a time with Alt pressed. Wondering if the 0.1 thing is a bug.

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    • Søren ClausenSøren Clausen, over 8 years ago

      Aaah, of course..

      Im pretty sure its not a bug, since they are mentioning it in their changelog.

      "The option key can now be used to move and resize layers in 0.1px increments, but still allows distance measurements"

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