Ask DN: Apple Thunderbolt Display Alternatives?

over 8 years ago from Ahmed Saleh, UX & Product Design Instructor @ Bitmaker

  • Aaron SagrayAaron Sagray, over 8 years ago

    I was thinking about getting one of these at home. Do you know if a Macbook Air with a NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M can power it?

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    • E BensleyE Bensley, over 8 years ago

      MacBook Airs didn't come with any dedicated GPU as far as I know. The 15" Pro came with the 650m and that would run fine over DisplayPort. HDMI would only manage 30Hz at 4k.

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    • Matt BaxterMatt Baxter, over 8 years ago

      When we first started testing them one of my co-workers with a Macbook Air tried it out but it didn't run very well. He ended up swapping with me to use the Cinema Display I had instead.

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