Ask DN: Apple Thunderbolt Display Alternatives?

over 8 years ago from Ahmed Saleh, UX & Product Design Instructor @ Bitmaker

  • Bill Columbia, over 8 years ago

    I just recently tried the Dell u2715h and the u2713hm. Both of these are better than most vendors monitors, but after using Apple displays I didn't really want to settle.

    The u2713hm was pretty close to the Apple display, but I could never get the colors right (I don't have a fancy tool for that). The u2715h was worse in color and had unacceptable backlight bleed in all four corners.

    My logic was, if I'm dropping 600 on a display and its not exactly what I need, why not spend the extra 150-200 on the one that I really want. (refurb or used you can can around that price)

    I also use a Dell U2412M at work, which is great color, but not so great pixel density.

    Not sure this will help, but thought it was worth mentioning that I returned the Dell UltraSharps and work on one (also work on a retina iMac and have worked on Apple Thunderbolt displays before that).

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    • Marc EdwardsMarc Edwards, over 8 years ago

      I have the same opinion as you. I know the current Apple Thunderbolt displays are old and likely overpriced, but I struggle to use anything else.

      I really hope Apple release some new displays soon.

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