Ask DN: What's your daily schedule?

over 8 years ago from Cameron Moll, Founder at Authentic Jobs

  • Ricardo MagalhãesRicardo Magalhães, over 8 years ago

    This is an interesting topic, especially because since I went remote I'm trying to come up with a schedule/routine that gets me a sane and healthy balance between predictability and a little bit of randomness to spice things up.

    With that, I've found that while being remote, it's impossible for me to have ONE schedule... I find myself with at least three: One will include an early morning workout, the other will include a run at the end of the day, and the other will involve going to a co-working space so I can keep the social skills going!

    So typically:

    • 6h00: Wake up and run to the climbing centre
    • 7h00: Climb for a bit more than an hour, take the tube home
    • 9h00: Make a big breakfast (breakfast depends on which kind of day I'm having/will have... so there's no fixed breakfast routine)
    • 9h30: Start working from home
    • 12h30: Make lunch
    • 13h30: Go out and work in a coffeeshop
    • 16h30: Go back home and have a snack
    • 18h00: Finish work; work on personal projects or just read articles/books
    • 19h30: Have dinner
    • 20h30: Work some more for personal projects, learn with tutorials, watch a TV show
    • 23h: Bedtime.

    I find it very hard to automate my routine especially when I can either leave the house at 8am or at 13pm... even breakfast depends on what kind of day I'll be having.

    One thing I noticed from being a remote worker though: staying home for a full day is NOT an option. I feel terrible, both physically and mentally if I don't leave the house for a big walk somewhere during the day.

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