Ask DN: What's your daily schedule?

over 8 years ago from Cameron Moll, Founder at Authentic Jobs

  • Matt SchroeterMatt Schroeter, over 8 years ago
    • 6:45am Wake up & shower
    • 7:15am Eat breakfast and read a book
    • 8am Walk to work
    • 8:30am Arrive at work
    • 8:30-10am Catch up on project news/design research/social media
    • 11am Have a light snack
    • 12:30pm Lunch
    • 12:45pm Continue work
    • 2pm Go for a walk/coffee break/writing
    • 3pm Continue work
    • 4pm Have a light snack
    • 5:30pm End work, walk home
    • 6pm Arrive home, work out/go for a run
    • 7:30-8pm Have Dinner
    • 9-10:30pm Read news/read a book/writing/social media
    • 10:30pm Sleep
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