Ask DN: What's your daily schedule?

over 8 years ago from Cameron Moll, Founder at Authentic Jobs

  • Autumn WellesAutumn Welles, over 8 years ago
    • 7:30 or 8AM: Wake up. Let the dogs out. Shower (every other day). Brush hair & teeth. Pack lunch. Get dog food ready. Let the dogs back in.
    • 8:30AM: Latest I can leave for work and arrive on time. Commute is 20 minutes by car + 10 minutes walking. Going to experiment with biking one day this week.
    • 9:00AM to Noon: Check email, Basecamp, Forecast. Work on things.
    • Noon to 1PM: Lunch break.
    • 1PM to 6PM: Progressively get less productive as the day wears on.
    • 6PM: Walk & drive home.
    • 6:30PM to 10PM: Let the dogs out. Make & eat a meal. Flex time for house chores, errands, exercise, and hobbies.
    • 10PM-Midnight: Visit the boyfriend (or he visits me). Eat another small meal or snacks. Get ready for bed. Rinse & repeat.

    It's not too different on the days when I work from home. I just wake up later and start my flex time earlier, due to no commute.

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