Ask DN: What's your daily schedule?

over 8 years ago from Cameron Moll, Founder at Authentic Jobs

  • Tyson KingsburyTyson Kingsbury, over 8 years ago

    6:30am, wife gets ready for work (teacher)

    7:45am my kids and I wake up and have breakfast, i make their lunch

    8:40am, we leave the house and i take them to school

    9:15am or so....i get to work

    9:20am read emails and check messages etc

    9:30am checking out the latest design news and articles

    9:45am work on whatever projects are on the list for the day

    12:00 - lunch....

    1pm continue whatever projects are on the list...

    5pm, head home

    6pm, take kids to martial arts practice

    7pm we have supper

    8pm kids in pajamas, we chillout a bit, read together, or watch a movie on netflix or something...

    9pm - on....either relax with my wife, or go to the gym for a bit...

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