Ask DN: What's your daily schedule?

over 8 years ago from Cameron Moll, Founder at Authentic Jobs

  • Josh CrowderJosh Crowder, over 8 years ago

    I always love these threads!

    heres mine:

    • 8:00am Alarm
    • 8:15 stop snoozing, rush out of the house and head to the gym on a boris bike I like to do early morning workouts, generally free weights and HIT training.
    • 9:30 cycle back from the gym and shower. I'm working on a new venture at the moment []( a project management tool designed for teams. I catch up with the rest of the team on Slack and plan out our day on Mattehorn (of course).
    • 1pm - Leave the house and head to a local coffee shop. I'm in Shoreditch, east london so there are literally 1000's within a mile.
    • 3pm - grab a bite to eat
    • 6pm - Head home, usually grabbing something for dinner on the way.
    • 7-8:30 - Cook and eat dinner. This is my down time, I love the process of preparing and cooking dinner its probably the only point in the day I'm not 'connected' to the world.
    • 9 - 12 - Research / Play on the internet.. a little more ;)
    • 1:30 - sleep time
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