Ask DN: Successor to LayerVault?

over 8 years ago from Gabriele Cirulli, Creator of 2048; Freelance Designer & Developer.

  • Sam Mathews, over 8 years ago (edited over 8 years ago )

    Thanks for mentioning us! ( Firstly I want to say that it's sad to see Layervault go, they did such a great job in their execution, I wish they had gotten more time to make it work.

    Now to the OP's points, whilst we're not strictly the same as LayerVault, (we don't track file diffs) there's some comparisons to be made.

    Easy overview of the entire project;

    Something like this?

    Full history of every single file

    We only show the history of files uploaded to conjure, but more coming with dropbox sync and desktop app soon.

    Commenting (plus hotspots!), which helps us a lot when discussing a design;

    This is why we were born!!, and a gif:

    The ability to just send someone a link and have them see what you're working on

    Like this?

    So yes, some comparison! Our mission is to make feedback smarter... and we're only just starting on the journey. Big things launching this week!

    Love to get your feedback on it ;)

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