• Kevin OhlssonKevin Ohlsson, 8 years ago

    Ohhsnap, if you ever come to revisit the thread i got a handful of question for you.

    I'm currently writing a paper about color theory and how color is used in marketing. With a background in painting and VP of design at google i suppose you know some about the subjects.

    Q1: What elements of color theory do you apply in your work at google? (Q:1.5, Are there any special resources you recommend reading about the topic? Thinking along the lines of James Gurney).

    Q2: What is googles approach to color between different rural areas? (While blue in the western world means one thing, it communicates something completely different in other parts of the world).

    Q3: Is there anything else in regard to color in marketing, theory, etc, that has especially helped you during your design career?

    If you ever see this, Cheers!

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