• Nikhileswar JangalaNikhileswar Jangala, over 8 years ago

    Hi Matias!

    We are about to design an Android app and our app requirements and google guide lines are not matching. So we would like to break those guide lines and make our app.

    Our app is about finding stays in different locations. People can search for stays, chat with stay owners and book, can explore etc Google suggests that we have to place all of them in a left side drawer but we want people to easily switch between search listings and chats. So we adapted a tab method.

    Problem here is when a user switches tabs (say search tab to chat tab) the context in nav bar changes (say New York, USA in search tab to, Agent Name in chats) which doesn't fit with guidelines. Any solutions for this?

    And again we thought the tabs are of a higher family than the nav bar. So can tabs be placed above the app bar? We are breaking the guidelines but isn't it logical? Please let me know your thoughts. It will help us a lot :)


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