• Gabe WillGabe Will, 8 years ago (edited 8 years ago )

    Hey Matias,

    Thanks a lot for doing this. Super pumped to get to ask you a few questions, so I'll jump right in.

    • A couple years ago, you said that Android was about a third of the way to where you wanted it to be. With the release of Material Design, how close are you now? Edit: Already answered.

    • Thanks in part to Android's new direction, motion design is playing a bigger part in apps than ever. As developers and designers get more comfortable with animations, what do you see as the next frontier of app design?

    • As head of design at Google, you obviously aren't pushing pixels around, but you're often credited with the look and feel of the platform. What role do you play in defining Android's direction?

    Bonus: Are you sick of the whole Lord Duarte / #Holoyolo thing? Be honest with me.

    Thanks again for the AMA. Looking forward to your answers.

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