• louie solomonlouie solomon, 8 years ago

    Hey Matias,

    Google seems to be taking prototyping seriously with their investment in RelativeWave Form. There have also been a lot of discussions here recently about Facebook's Origami, FramerJS, Pixate, AE, etc.

    How do you feel about the current state of prototyping in terms of software, workflow, and usability for designers? Did you use any of these when concepting Material Design animations and interactions?

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    • Matias DuarteMatias Duarte, 8 years ago

      Our team uses a wide array of tools, including all of the ones you mention above and some homegrown solutions. Without them we never would have been able to put the focus on motion that we needed to in Material Design.

      That said, there are still some huge problems designers face in trying to make software. Prototyping interaction and navigation, designing complex and interactive motion, getting our designs into code without losing fidelity, and even basic collaboration and version management. We’re serious about all these topics and we want to see how we can help make a world where a designer will never have to export a redline or have the wrong icon in the build ever again.

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