AMA: I'm Matias Duarte, a VP of Design at Google!

almost 9 years ago from Matias Duarte, VP Design, Google

  • Greg BeldamGreg Beldam, almost 9 years ago

    Thanks for doing this!

    How big is your design group? How is it roughly structured and what is the most challenging thing about that scale?

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    • Matias DuarteMatias Duarte, almost 9 years ago

      Not as big as I’d like, but more than big enough to cause trouble.

      Scaling (which Kelly also asked about indirectly) is the hardest thing for me. When it’s just a small group of you that can all sit together, it’s easy to stay in sync. As you get multiple groups, you can kind of fake it by checking in regularly, and doing crits on a strict schedule. However when you need to run dozen of projects you really need to focus on expressing your design ideas as goals, and your critiques as problems and *considerations. You need to give room for all the other designers involved to creatively solve those themselves. That doesn’t mean you don’t sweat and point out the details and hold a high bar.

      Actually this is a much better way to lead even at a small scale, but it’s a hard transition - at least it was for me!

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