ASK DN: Who wants to be hired? (Feb 2015)

almost 9 years ago from Tyrale Bloomfield, UX evangelist & Creative consultant

  • Eytan DavidovitsEytan Davidovits, almost 9 years ago

    Hi everyone! I'm graduating UCLA in spring 2015 and am looking for a full time job in Product/Visual/UI Design at a tech company. I'm incredibly passionate about design, and I am looking to grow as a designer and develop my skill set. I value working both independently and collaboratively, eager to learn from others.

    Location: Silicon Valley

    Remote: No

    Relocate: No

    Skills: Windows and Mac • iWork • Photoshop • Illustrator InDesign • Sketch • HTML • CSS • Pixate • Marvel Antetype • After Effects • Aperture • Final Cut Pro


    Email: eytan [at] davidovits [dot] com

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