Site Design: A Small Orange(

over 8 years ago from Andrew Shen, Product Designer

  • Joshua ButnerJoshua Butner, over 8 years ago

    Pretty sure there's only one rule here, and this breaks it. Remember this is a large, distributed community and you're only doing yourself a disservice in the end with unprovoked and aimless, negative comments.

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    • Dave HawkinsDave Hawkins, over 8 years ago

      Your right, I should have been more constructive, I just wasn't impressed at the clear lack of attention to detail from a company I was up until now, seriously considering buying hosting from due to their company values. How can you trust a company that can't even test a responsive site properly, whats their customer service like if their QA is so bad?

      I was thoughtlessly negative, but still gutted the design is so poor.

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