Site Design: A Small Orange(

over 8 years ago from Andrew Shen, Product Designer

  • Luke James TaylorLuke James Taylor, over 8 years ago

    Really like how much space each element has been given and the large call to actions. The subtle wooden texture words pretty well in the Happy Customers section and I also think the use of illustrations in the breakdown of hosting plans section.

    You need to be careful with how the white text overlays on the windmills at certain breakpoints. I'd suggest making these two elements never meet, and scale the image where appropriate.

    One small detail that I feel doesn't add to the footer is the 1 pixel orange divider line. That section would look more clearer without that, and the Malware-free badge.

    Overall, a nice look and feel but could do with a bit more refinement in certain parts. Good work.

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