Is anyone else offended by 'indianred' in CSS4 Color?(

almost 9 years ago from Christopher Azar, Interaction Designer, Trove

  • Christopher AzarChristopher Azar, almost 9 years ago

    See "Red Indian" in the Native American name controversy wikipedia article under the heading Obsolete and unacceptable terminology.

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    • Account deleted almost 9 years ago

      But its not called Red Indian, its called Indian Red, as in red soil in India.

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    • Josh Sanders, almost 9 years ago

      how about you not flip the words around, thus generating a completely different meaning than what was originally asked by OP. -_-

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    • Florin RimaruFlorin Rimaru, almost 9 years ago

      The world doesn't revolve around the US you know... and we're all getting tired of all your fake political correctness. The term doesn't come from the US, it's a type of soil you learn about in 6th grade geography lessons when you study countries around the globe. Only an American would have thought that's a slur. For everyone else it's normal.

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