AMA: I'm Manoela Ilic, Co-founder of Codrops

almost 9 years ago from Manoela Ilic, Web Designer at Codrops

  • Ivan DrinchevIvan Drinchev, almost 9 years ago

    Hello Manoela,

    I'm huge fan of your (codrops) works. You are unique and very, very valuable for me and other developers ( I'm sure ).

    Anyway I have only one question :

    Is codrops profitable ( in terms of money ) as a project and ( oops second question ) is it enough for you to do only this and no other work to live your life? :)

    Thanks, you guys / gals ROCK!

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    • Manoela IlicManoela Ilic, almost 9 years ago

      Hi Ivan, thanks a lot! For us it's profitable and enough to live our lives, yes. What is priceless though is the freedom it gives us to work from anywhere. For people like us who love to travel it's a best thing in the world :) Thanks again!!

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