AMA: I'm Manoela Ilic, Co-founder of Codrops

almost 9 years ago from Manoela Ilic, Web Designer at Codrops

  • Carolyn YooCarolyn Yoo, almost 9 years ago

    Hi Manoela,

    Much love! I absolutely love your website and all its demos and tutorials. Thank you for the inspiration and your contribution the community.

    One question: How do you find your cognitive science background affects your design? I also studied cognitive science as an undergrad and am curious to see how it serves as a foundation for your work.

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    • Manoela IlicManoela Ilic, almost 9 years ago

      Hi Carolyn, thanks so much!

      I found that studying CogSci made me a Jack of all trades in many things. The overall holistic apporach of getting a grasp of so many different scientific areas creates a great foundation for having a greater vision for many things. Everything is interconnected and for something to work, we need to make all the parts work and interact with each other in harmony. Having a clue how the human brain processes things makes it easier to create meaningfull interactions with machines. It's an underrated understanding when it comes to designing websites. Cognitive Science definitely "trains" you to keep the big picture in mind, I think. Hope this makes sense :) Thanks again

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