Be My Eyes - Lend your Eyes To The Blind(

almost 9 years ago from Ryan Murphy, Product Designer

  • Christopher Mansfield, almost 9 years ago

    For me this is true design, empowering and improving quality of life.

    However I do hope people keep working on more time trackers and invoicing software, that's like so super important. ;)

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    • Patrick SchneiderPatrick Schneider, almost 9 years ago

      Now I feel bad for working on a time tracker :(

      But I certainly have to agree with you. I think any designer would love to be involved in something that truly helps people in a way that this app does.

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    • brian andrichbrian andrich, almost 9 years ago

      How is it empowering to give someone the fish instead of teaching them to catch it themselves? I think the visually impaired are quite capable of overcoming any obstacle they encounter themselves.

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