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over 8 years ago from Mariusz Ostrowski, Co-Founder/Designer at, @faktory

  • Julien Pelletier, over 8 years ago

    Does anyone tried Markly AND Zeplin ? Feedbacks ?

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    • Adam T.Adam T., over 8 years ago (edited over 8 years ago )

      Zeplin is, pardon me here, really fucking awesome. It's in beta but it's very polished in that it doesn't crash and doesn't over-extend itself. They were mindful to make what they had work well, and just put text placeholders for upcoming features. I'm not currently doing any iOS design and just working in-browser, but the asset grabbing, color / font styles, text copying, etc., are still useful.

      It's a little slow on large files, and there are some weird UI navigation things (you should be able to invite members from the notification screen), and the messaging would be great if it could have granular settings for notification center updates / email notification. I feel that's an area that provides a ton of value for users regardless of medium - web / ios / print with .psd or .indd.

      But they update often and it's a really nice product so far.

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