Markly - specs for Photoshop CC & Sketch(

over 8 years ago from Mariusz Ostrowski, Co-Founder/Designer at, @faktory

  • Kite DanKite Dan, over 8 years ago

    Just purchased it. Here is my usage experience. Need to import the file into the app, and after added some marks by clicking some buttons, when I modified my design, and the specs doesn't updated. When I tryied to import the file again, and it is working now, all marks are updated auto! I used to use specKing before, but I think the auto-update feature is a better repleacement. One qustion: I don't know where is the data saved?

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    • Mariusz OstrowskiMariusz Ostrowski, over 8 years ago

      I found that data is saved in PSD metadata. Check this: open psd, open markly, make some measurements, close markly, save/close psd, open psd again, open markly and import. All measurements should be loaded. If you make some changes in psd before import all will be updated in markly after import.

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