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almost 9 years ago from Vlad Drimbau, Product Designer

  • Chris HampshireChris Hampshire, almost 9 years ago

    A good idea for this would be something like Tinder. I believe theres one for Dribbble (https://tindddle.com), obviously this would be for a mass of logos but it would give great first impression only result with not much info about the logo.

    Upload your logo see results from a community with like or not like? Toger...

    Ideas. Sorry I get OTT.

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    • Vlad Drimbau, almost 9 years ago

      Yup, that's exactly what I had in mind :).

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    • Rory ReiffRory Reiff, almost 9 years ago

      While not specifically for logos (though we do have a Graphic Design category), our app Fleck has community curation built into it with a Tinder like view for voting posts up or down. It wouldn't let you really A/B test, but you could get a decent idea of general response to a design. www.getfleck.com

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    • Account deleted almost 9 years ago

      I like this idea alot.

      One way it could be executed a little different from Tinder could be you limit the user to being able to only upload 3 or 4 options. Instead of swiping like Tinder to answer which is better, viewers can tap their favorite option choices in order of favorites 1-4.

      Then the OP will see which logo options rank best behind the scenes. Just an idea.

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