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over 8 years ago from Maurice Cherry, creator/host of Revision Path

  • John HowardJohn Howard, over 8 years ago

    I don't know if anyone else feels like this, and it could be incredibly offensive. Know that I don't mean it like that in the slightest. First, the 'colorblind' argument is definitely true. The out of sight out of mind thing is true in a bunch of arguments and I'll be honest I choose to ignore a lot of 'pervasive' arguments just because I don't want to deal with them.

    Something that makes me want to ignore (and I'm sure this isn't the point that you are trying to make) is that I am lumped in with the white-trash, redneck, racist, offensive people when I hear these arguments. I can yell from the top of a mountain that I'm not racist but that will do no good. Because of feeling (again, just a feeling) I'm constantly lumped in with this kind of thinking it just makes me want to even less fight for the equality that you so much deserve.

    Again, you deserve it and I wish I was more attuned to that vein of thinking. Just recently I had a baby boy and now I truly get what it's like to be a father (learning every day)... before that, you could say I was 'blind' to the struggle of being a father. I know it's not a perfect comparison, but I understand that sometimes we just don't know the struggles people go through until we go through it ourselves.

    So make us aware of the struggle, but don't take it offensive if we aren't as passionate about it as you are. Should we be? Maybe, maybe not. Sometimes it just takes us seeing the struggle first hand to really grasp it. Maybe that will never happen, until then let's do what we can to not judge each other and in-turn encourage each other down a path of doing our absolute best (as some guy said) as individuals regardless of race, beliefs, and/or upbringing.

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